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Malawian NGOs recommend PRSP improvements

18 June 2001

Following a successful bid to extend the PRSP process in Malawi, the Malawi Economic Justice Network has appraised the process with a view to informing and improving the next stages. Their report concluded amongst other things that:

  • Civil Society and Members of Parliament should be represented on the PRSP Technical Committee;
  • a drafting committee should be formed made up of working group representatives, MPs, Civil Society Organisations and members of the Technical Committee;
  • at least two national discussions of successive drafts should be held in advance of the final symposium, with documents circulated well in advance to ensure genuine participation;
  • a full-time PRSP secretariat should be established in the Ministry of Finance;
  • regular PRSP updates should continue to be given to the press to keep everyone informed;
  • establish monitoring mechanisms involving Parliament and Civil Society to ensure that the proceeds of debt relief are spent on poverty reduction this year in advance of the full PRSP.

For a copy of the appraisal report and a full list of recommendations, email Malawi Economic Justice Network