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Annual meetings update: NGO press pass cancelled

27 July 2004

A decision has been taken to discontinue the NGO press pass for the meetings, marking a serious step backwards in relations with civil society. To join a letter urging the reinstatement of the pass, contact .

The Board of Governors of the Bank and Fund will meet in Washington D.C. on 4-5 October. The International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) and the Development Committee will meet on 2-3 October. Official agenda items are likely to include: infrastructure and the middle-income country strategy, innovative sources of development financing, debt sustainability, the OED/IEO reviews of PRSP/PRGF and a report on the ‘voice roadmap’ on Southern country representation at the IFIs. G-24 and G-10 ministers’ meetings, official civil society dialogues and unofficial events will be scheduled in the week prior.