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Assist with research, admin and events

5 January 2018 | About us

The Bretton Woods Project periodically recruits volunteers, who play a vital role in the running of the organisation by assisting with administrative and other support tasks. Volunteers also have the opportunity to gain valuable experience by carrying out background research and helping with other aspects of our work, where appropriate. We provide volunteers with a daily £5 lunch allowance, and also reimburse reasonable travel expenses within London. In general, we ask volunteers to commit to come into the office in London one day a week for three months or more.

To apply, please fill in the the application form below and attach your CV. Instructions on how to submit your application are included in the form. If no opportunities are available when you apply, we will keep your application on file and contact you when a suitable vacancy arises.

We are looking for volunteers for spring and summer, please apply to volunteer with us.

Volunteer application form (Word doc)