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15 January 2018 | About us

BWP team left to right: Emma Burgisser, Jon Sward, Miriam Brett, Luiz Vieira, Roosje Saalbrink

BWP team left to right: Emma Burgisser, Jon Sward, Miriam Brett, Luiz Vieira, Roosje Saalbrink (has since left)

Miriam Brett, International Finance Project Manager
Emma Bürgisser, Gender Project Manager
Jon Sward, Environment Project Manager
Luiz Vieira, Coordinator

Communications Manager Vacancy

The Bretton Woods Project is looking for a new Gender Project Officer. Please find the vacancy notice and details how to apply here.

 Miriam Brett, International Development Finance Project Manager

Miriam joined the team in January 2018 as the International Development Finance Project Manager, with a focus on scrutiny of the IMF. She previously worked at the UK Parliament as the Senior Economic Advisor to the SNP, covering Treasury and Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, with a focus on inclusive growth, anti austerity economics and energy. Prior to this, Miriam worked as a researcher for Common Weal, a progressive think-tank based in Scotland, undertaking a variety of projects in policy development, advocacy and campaigns around poverty alleviation. Miriam holds a first class BA (hons) in International Relations at the University of Stirling, specialising in social justice critiques of international financial institutions.


Emma Bürgisser, Gender Project Manager

Emma joined the project in late October 2015 as Gender Research and Project Officer to implement the Hewlett Foundation-supported Women’s Economic Empowerment project. Since July 2017 she is managing the second phase of the Gender and Macroeconomics project as Gender Project Manager. Emma’s role as International Coordinator of the ‘Women’s Power to Stop War’ movement by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom included organising two major international conferences and strengthening the capacity of the organisation and its members. As a WILPF Human Rights Programme associate, Emma conducted research and advocacy, in particular targeting UN Human Rights mechanisms, seeking to represent civil society voices to the assessment of nations’ human rights records. Emma holds an LLM in International and European Law from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.


Jon Sward, Environment Project Manager

Jon joined the Project in August 2017 and will be overseeing its work on environmental issues. He recently completed a PhD at the University of Sussex that focused on the internal migration of tenant farmers, changing land tenure norms and environmental variability in Brong Ahafo, Ghana. A key dimension of this work was to better understand diverse migrant livelihood outcomes in light of overlapping economic and environmental risks faced by migrant farmers in rural Ghana. He also has experience as a research consultant, undertaking consultancies spanning a wide range of migration-climate and migration-development issues. In addition to his doctorate, Jon holds a MA in the Anthropology of Conflict, Violence and Conciliation from the University of Sussex and an undergraduate degree in Social Anthropology from the University of St Andrews.



Luiz Vieira, Coordinator

Luiz coordinates the work of the Project. Previously he served for eight years as the chief of mission for the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) in Timor Leste, where he worked with UN bodies, donors and IFIs on strategic development planning. His past experience includes working with the IOM in Nauru, as well as with NGO Mercy Corps in a variety of emergency response situations, including in El Salvador, Kosovo and Macedonia, as well as on democratic governance in Angola. He served as a guest lecturer on conflict and development at the Columbia University School of International Public Affairs (SIPA). Luiz holds an LLM in International Law and a Masters in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, as well as a degree in political science from the State University of New York at Albany.