The IMF in insecure fragile states: why being absent should no longer be an option

While there is scope to improve IMF operations in all fragile states, ahead of the forthcoming publication of the IMF IEO review of IMF work in fragile states, there is one fundamental change it must make to transform its effectiveness in fragile states: wherever it is possible, it must be present. No country should be left out.

20 March 2018 | At Issue



Conflict-affected states, IFC’s final frontier

The IFC is set to expand operations in fragile and conflict-affected states such as Burma, despite indications that systemic problems identified in Honduras persist.

29 September 2014



The Syrian migration crisis

Notes from a meeting at the IMF/World Bank CSO Forum at the 2016 Spring meetings discussion the socio-economic impacts of the Syrian crisis, the outgoing flow of migration and the World Bank’s model on how to tackle these issues following its new report.

16 April 2016 | Minutes

IFI governance


From interim strategy to full country partnership: lessons from Myanmar

Notes of a meeting on Myanmar's transition to full country partnership at the World Bank/IMF annual meetings 2014

10 October 2014

IFI governance


Matching money and expertise: ensuring conflict sensitivity is top of the agenda for the bank's fragile state financing

Notes of a meeting on matching money and expertise at the World Bank-IMF annual meetings 2014

9 October 2014



Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) and dispute resolution process

Meg Taylor, CAO We have recently reviewed our operational guidelines and wanted to introduce more…

11 April 2014



IMF embroiled in Ukraine crisis

Ukraine’s interim government concluded negotiations in late March for an IMF loan, likely to carry wide-ranging conditionality.

31 March 2014



The IFIs in 2013: year in review

The Bretton Woods Project review of the most important developments at the World Bank and IMF in 2013.

8 January 2014 | Review



Disempowered development

World Bank support for a Nepal power line has been criticised for violating indigenous peoples’ rights and the use of armed forces, yet an Inspection Panel investigation has been delayed.

31 March 2014 | Comment



CSO response to the CAO investigation into IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras

An international statement, signed by 70 organisations, in response to the publication in mid January of a CAO audit and the IFC response and action plan related to IFC investment in Corporación Dinant, Honduras.

16 January 2014 | Statement