WDR on governance: paradigm shift or cosmetic procedure?

World Bank’s 2017 World Development Report on governance introduced the importance of politics, but its impact has been questioned.

7 April 2017



WDR 2015: Mind over matter

Behavioural economics is the basis for the World Bank's 2015 World Development Report but is criticised for ignoring the impact of power and politics.

3 February 2015



Concerns over World Bank's WDR on education

CSOs raise concerns about content and consultation process of World Bank World Development Report 2018 on education.

6 April 2017

Social services


The Doing Business review: a test of World Bank leadership

By this year's October annual meetings, we will know what the World Bank board has decided on what happens next to that institution's controversial and most popular publication, the Doing Business report.

24 June 2013 | At Issue



“Mind and culture” topic for next WDR

The World Bank has announced that the World Development Report 2015, due to be published in autumn 2014, will focus on Mind and culture.

3 December 2013



Bank announces 2014 WDR topic: risk management

In December the World Bank published a concept note for its 2014 World Development Report, which will address risk management.

13 February 2013



World Bank on jobs: a "significant departure" or "business as usual"?

The opening sentences of the 2013 World Development Report Jobs, could not be clearer: "Jobs are the cornerstone of economic and social development". Brendan Martin of UK NGO Public World examines the policy implications for developing economies, trade unions and the wider development community.

13 February 2013 | At Issue



World Bank on jobs: "a race to the bottom"?

Two October World Bank reports reveal a contradictory message for developing countries' labour markets.

6 December 2012



The World Bank and industrial policy: Hands off or hands on?

Former deputy secretary general of UNCTAD Carlos Fortin, of the Institute of Development Studies, examines the Bank's record on industrial policy over the last 20 years and shows that the Bank's position is more nuanced.

6 December 2012 | At Issue

IFI governance


World Bank-IMF annual meetings 2012

Analysis, news, and about the events inside and around the World Bank/IMF annual meetings 2012. This page is being updated regularly.

16 October 2012