Latin America & Caribbean



The impacts of IMF-backed austerity on women’s rights in Brazil

The IMF and World Bank-endorsed 20 year spending freeze in Brazil disproportionately impacts women and other marginalised groups, despite less harmful alternatives being available

29 March 2018 | Guest analysis



World Bank report on fiscal adjustment in Brazil: questionable analysis; unfair policies

The World Bank’s report on public spending in Brazil raises serious questions about the methodology used and relevance of the report’s focus on fiscal consolidation in light of its own admission that the deterioration of Brazil’s fiscal situation is due principally to the recession.

27 March 2018 | At Issue
Sunflowers. Photo: Boris Rumenov Balabanov / World Bank



The wrongdoings of the Doing Business Rankings and the corporate take-over of agriculture

Civil society urges the World Bank to scrap DBR and EBA, claiming the latter harms small-scale farmers by putting corporate interests first.

14 March 2018 | Guest analysis

Private Sector


How the Bank’s push for microcredit failed the poor

Originally created to help the poor escape poverty and deprivation, the World Bank became the most important advocate for the commercialised microcredit model. Yet, critics argued it undermined the chances of sustainable and equitable development to create a poverty trap of historic proportions.

8 December 2017 | At Issue



CAO released damning audit of IFC hydro project in Guatemala

CAO audit finds IFC failed to identify gaps in project’s social and environmental assessment, while communities impacted by the project face impacts on water source, livelihoods and levels of violence.

7 December 2017



Civil society still waiting for ‘IMF Spring’ to blossom

Civil society was out in full force during annual meetings challenging the IMF’s claims that it is reducing economic and gender inequality.

7 December 2017



Debt sustainability review: Tinkering around the edges while crises loom

Despite making some positive changes, the IMF and World Bank Debt Sustainability Framework review has ignored fundamental issues, as risk of new crises persist.

6 December 2017 | Guest analysis

IFI governance


The challenges of financing infrastructure in developing countries through PPPs: A focus on contracts and laws

Notes from the 2017 World Bank and IMF Annual Meetings session on financing infrastruure in Latin America through PPPs. This session aims to discuss the main challenges pose by the widespread promotion of PPPs and its impacts in particular Latin American cases.

11 October 2017 | Minutes



The IMF, Gender Equality and Labour

BWP briefing explores IMF's labour market policies in the context of women in the informal economy and suggests they will not contribute to decreasing inequalities.

2 October 2017 | Briefing



Flirting with disaster? World Bank's push for climate insurance questioned

The World Bank continues to push climate and disaster insurance programmes, despite concerns that such schemes are being ‘oversold’ and do not address the root challenges of making countries more resilient to climate change.

28 September 2017



The IMF, Gender Equality and Expenditure Policy

BWP briefing explores gender dimensions of IMF’s key fiscal policy advice on expenditure policy in developing countries, focusing in particular on austerity measures.

21 September 2017 | Briefing



CAO opens case in Chile on World Bank project Alto Maipo

In March CAO found a complaint on behalf of communities affected by IFC’s investment in the Alto Maipo hydroelectric project in Chile eligible for further assessment.

3 July 2017