G24 should build bridges with Southern NGOs

15 January 1998

A recent paper argues that Southern governments should foster and expand democratic dialogue with NGOs in their countries. This is the conclusion of a report commissioned by the G24 examining the role of NGOs working on international financial issues.

The paper describes the nature and the motivations of Northern and Southern NGOs and the forces that are bringing them to work more closely together. The report looks at key issues NGOs have campaigned on, assessing the orientation and motivations of Northern (especially Washington-based) operational and advocacy NGOs. The paper recommends that G24 governments should :

  • build bridges with NGOs in their own countries to build ownership and consensus around policy positions; and
  • pro-actively support NGO alliances which advance NGO and government development objectives in international, regional, and national arenas.

Nancy Alexander and Charles Abugre, 1997, NGOs and the International Monetary and Financial System. Contact: Nancy Alexander; tel: 001-301-608-2400; fax: 001-301-608-2401;