IFI governance


NGOWG Restructuring

15 January 1998

The NGO World Bank Working Group is in the process of restructuring to become more regional and more representative. The Group was established in the early ’80s to liaise formally with the Bank on operational issues and later came to address policy and political issues. The Group plans to move away from the current membership process where existing members select future members to serve for 5 years, and institute a process of regional voting to nominate who should attend the annual meetings. The first European regional meeting to discuss how this might work will be held in Paris, on 4-6 March. As well as the restructuring proposals the meeting will discuss issues such as IDA and the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline.

Further details available from the Bretton Woods Project or from Michel Faucon, CRID, tel: +33 1 44 72 07 71, fax: +33 1 44 72 06 84, 14, passage Dubail, 75010 Paris, France, crid@globenet.org.