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Dams Commission Nears Agreement

15 January 1998

The World Commission on Dams, looks likely to start operations this Spring. The planned launch last November was delayed because of a failure to agree who should sit on the Commission, but a meeting in Cape Town in January seems to have resolved many of the key concerns of NGOs. The Panel now comprises academic, dam company, government and NGO representatives. In the latter category are Medha Patkar of the Save Narmada Movement, India; Joji Carino of the International Alliance of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples of the Tropical Forest; Deborah Moore, of Environment Defense Fund; and Judy Henderson, board member of Oxfam International and Greenpeace International.

The Commission will now establish a workplan and a secretariat and NGOs are organising to help ensure that the hearings are comprehensive and engage grassroots groups across the world.

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