Knowledge report discussions

15 April 1998

The Bretton Woods Project is about to be sent the yellow cover draft of the Bank’s 1998 World Development Report. The topic of the Report is Knowledge and Development which sounds dry, but will deal with important issues including:

  • patenting/intellectual property,
  • using genetic material from plants and animals,
  • comparisons between government and corporate research funding,
  • “scientific” versus local/vernacular knowledge

The Report is due out in September/October this year, later than WDRs in the past. The Bretton Woods Project will circulate the draft to interested groups and encourage NGO input/critiques.

Contact: Carl Dahlman, World Bank,

For all contacts not listed, please ask the Bretton Woods Project,

Tel: + 44 171 523 2170, Fax: + 44 171 620 0179,