Questioning the World Bank/IMF Growth Model

25 June 1999 | Briefings

Questioning the Growth Model was a meeting organised jointly by the Bretton Woods Project and Both Ends to analyse the core ideas on development underlying the policies and practices of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. The three day round table meeting took place in March 1999 in the Netherlands. Some 40 people from 20 countries participated in this meeting, both researchers and activists dealing with the Bretton Woods Institutions.

Introduction: “The World Bank and IMF: dilemmas and opportunities” by Alex Wilks and Theo Ruyter


The Growth Illusion: Seven Years On” by Richard Douthwaite

Confronting Gender Inequities and Political Disempowerment ” by Laura Rubio Frade

The Growth Model: Hard Wired and Hard to Change” by Gerald O. Barney

The Bretton Woods Twins: Caught in Their Paradigm” by Kamal Malhotra

An Alternative African Recovery Model” by Dipo Busari

Economic Globalism: Doomed to Break Down” by Samir Amin