IFI governance


Strategic Compact assessment

15 September 1999

The Bretton Woods Project recently obtained two documents in which the World Bank evaluates progress of its Strategic Compact internal reform initiative and sets out strategy for the next few years. The September 1998 self-assessment found that the Bank now responds more rapidly to changing client needs, such as financial crises and natural disasters, and that the share of “satisfactory” projects, as rated by the Operations Evaluation Department, has risen to 80%. On the down side the report noted the heavy work pressure on staff and “a need to clarify roles, responsibilities, and work program arrangements”.

The March 1999 report notes that on operational quality: the satisfactory rating is up again, as are the Bank’s “realism” and “proactivity” indices. However many of the targets for the end of FY99 are unlikely to be met, and only 73% of Bank Economic and Sector Work reports are considered satisfactory. The report claims that “based on preliminary analysis, we are approaching 100% satisfactory quality at entry on environmental aspects of projects”, and that Country Assistance Strategies have greatly improved in terms of client participation.

See Implementing the Strategic Compact, Fourth Progress Report, World Bank, 26/3/99.