Useful web bulletins

15 December 1999

Bretton Woods Update is archived on the web. Enter topic names under site search to find articles from back issues, plus more links.

Other useful web and email bulletins include:

News and Notices for World Bank Watchers. A quarterly bulletin by Globalisation Challenge Initiative and Center of Concern: www.globalarchitects.org

IFIs et maintenant. A monthly bulletin from a coalition of French NGOs (French language): www.globenet.org/ifi

Tuesday Group reports. Notes of monthly discussions of US NGOs and US officials. From the Bank Information Center: www.bicusa.org

Afriline, site from Inter-Africa Group, on African NGO initiatives on the Bank: www.afriline.org

Structural Adjustment Participatory Review Initiative (SAPRIN) updates: www.topica.com/lists/saprin.

Focus on Trade, an analysis of trends in regional and world trade and finance, from Focus on the Global South, Thailand, see: www.focusweb.org.

Third World Economics: www.twnside.org.sg

Other sites include:

Jubilee 2000: www.jubilee2000uk.org

Jubilee South: www.jubileesouth.net

CEE Bankwatch Network: www.bankwatch.org

EURODAD: www.oneworld.org/eurodad

Alternative Information for Development Centre: www.aidc.org.za/

50 Years is Enough: www.50years.org

Trasparencia (Spanish language): www.laneta.apc.org/trasparencia

The World Bank and IMF also frequently update their websites (www.worldbank.org and www.imf.org). The World Bank provides email update services such as the daily Development News international press digest: www.worldbank.org/devnews and the PovertyNet Newsletter: www.worldbank.org/poverty/newsl.