Toolkits for activists on the World Bank

15 April 2000

Washington DC-based NGO Bank Information Centre (BIC) has produced toolkits to help citizens more effectively engage with and influence the World Bank.

The first set of five Toolkits includes a basic overview of the World Bank, and includes tips on how to get information, how the Country Assistance Strategies work, information on the Bank’s environmental and social policy framework, and an introduction to the IFC and MIGA. Future Toolkits will include information on citizen advocacy strategies, the Bank’s changing structure, policies and loan instruments, and new Bank interests in governance and human rights.

BIC will add sections as they continue to hear peoples’ experiences, and new problems and approaches.

Spanish, Russian, Bahasa Indonesian, and Khmer versions will also be produced.

To order or for more information, contact: info@bicusa.org . Or download a full-text version from: www.bicusa.org .