Chiluba attack on IMF

15 April 2000

Zambian President, Fredrick Chiluba has blamed the IMF for Zambia’s economic problems, saying that the IMF‘s reforms, advocated by rich countries, had brought unemployment and a rise in poverty levels. He pointed to privatisation in particular as a source of the problems.

“Then we are told, no, no, no, Africa needs to embrace the spirit of partnership with NGOs but the NGO where I come from, ZCTU [Zambian Confederation of Trade Unions] also wants increased wages. And then IMF says do not give them, we do not know which way to go,”President Chiluba said. “The problem we have in Africa is that we are rushing reforms as if that is the only panacea to the problems.” He added that if reforms were rushed and not understood by the people, they may not help the people at all.