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Blair appeal on global institutions

15 April 2000

At the Davos Economic Summit in January UK Prime Minister Tony Blair called for serious debate about reforming global institutions. “The institutions of world governance are often cumbersome, usually fashioned decades ago, in a different era, and immensely difficult as instruments of action,” he said. “We need, therefore, to ask fundamental questions of reform about our systems of world governance, such as the IMF and the World Bank, the UN, NATO and the WTO. What do we need them to do? How do we reform them? What are the rules and principles that we want to determine how we act as an international community”.

These issues will certainly be among those discussed by NGOs as the UK Government drafts its white paper on globalisation this year.

A number of NGOs rallied against the Davos Summit this year, protesting against the role of self-selected business representatives making global public policy.