World Bank Backs Czech Nuclear Power

14 June 2000

A study released in April by Hnuti Duha (Friends of the Earth, Czech Republic) and the CEE Bankwatch Network found that World Bank resources “are directly supporting nuclear facilities in the Czech Republic”. This finding contradicts World Bank policy of non-involvement in nuclear power.

A Bank loan allowed the Czech power utility to move forward with an investment plan focussing on a half-built nuclear power plant which is five years behind schedule and five-fold over budget. Bank money was also used directly for auditing safety standards at the plant and connecting the transmission grid to the Temelin plant, according to the newsletter of the Czech power utility, CEZ.

As the CEZ is also in violation of key World Bank financial conditions, the report concludes: “We expect the Bank to promptly put pressure on the Czech government, as well as the CEZ utility, to change their investment policy away from unsafe and economically crippling nuclear power.”