Prague plans

11 August 2000

The annual meetings of the World Bank and IMF will be the occasion for high-level official decision-making about the future of the institutions as well as protests and alternative discussions among civil society groups. Thousands of people will travel from across the world to join both sets of events. Civil society groups, led by the CEE Bankwatch Network, are organising a skill-share, a public forum and other events to exchange experiences and debate policy issues. These include debt, globalization, energy strategies and the roles of the IMF and World Bank. A series of short, accessible, briefings will be produced on these and other topics. There will also be a number of demonstrations organised by the September 26 Collective (S26) and others.

On the official agenda topics include IMF evaluation; follow-up to the G8 discussions on financial architecture; the role of the IMF; the role of the World Bank in middle income countries and a review of the Comprehensive Development Framework. There will also be a programme of seminars titled Making the Global Economy Work for Everyone.




Prague 2000 Timetable of events


20-21 – NGO Skillshare

23 – Debate with President Vaclav Havel

24-27 – Public forum

24 – IMF Committee meeting

25 – Development committee meeting

26-27 – WB/IMF Annual general meeting