New books and reports

26 October 2000

A selection of recent books and reports not mentioned in other articles. These range from short pieces by NGOs to major research publications. Contact/ordering details are included where possible.

Short briefings on World Bank and IMF

A series of NGO briefings on a wide range of policy, project and institutional issues relating to the World Bank and IMF. Commissioned by the Bank Information Center from authors worldwide, at the request of the Central and Eastern European Bankwatch Network.

Budgets as if People Mattered: Democratizing Macroeconomic Policies

A UNDP publication recommending ways to ensure citizens groups can inform all aspects of the budget process. Very relevant to discussions about PRSPs.

UNDP country offices

Profiling Problem IFC Projects

A series of short case studies of projects backed by the IFC. They raise serious issues about the extent of IFC attempts to introduce development impact analysis and safeguard policies.

World Bank and Spanish Aid

The World Bank’s role in Spanish foreign aid policy (Spanish language only).

Crying out for Change

New study in Voices of the Poor series, synthesizing interviews with over 20,000 poor people in many countries.

The World Bank Group and the Environment in Europe and Central Asia

Compiled by CEE Bankwatch Network – critical case studies of World Bank and IMF performance in Central and Eastern Europe.

Dams on Trial: the World Bank and Corruption

Report from Riforma della Banca Mondiale, Italy, detailing the issues in the corruption case on the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

Globalizing Poverty, the World Bank, IMF and WTO

A special report from The Ecologist magazine with leading authors discussing the problems with global economic institutions.

Global Change and Human Health

A new journal with reviews on globalization, environmental change and health. It aims to strengthen the rapidly emerging research field of the health impact assessment of global changes and provide bridges between scientific communities and practitioners.

Dying for Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor

Major new book from the Institute for Health and Social Justice analysing the problems with current economic policies and presenting alternative approaches.

Dubious Development

Friends of the Earth report examining private sector lending of the World Bank Group.

Fuel for Change

Compilation of case studies and analysis from a three year research project in 13 countries assessing World Bank energy lending. Published by Zed Books and Both ENDS.

Are World Bank and IMF Policies Good for Growth?

Centre for Economic Policy Research critique of the World Bank’s controversial Growth is Good for the Poor report.

A Makeover for the Bretton Woods Twins?

Heinrich Boll Foundation compilation of responses to the Meltzer Commission proposals for reforming the World Bank and IMF.

Resistance to IMF

World Development Movement report on protests against IMF policies in poor countries.

Background to Globalization

A non-technical discussion of the political and economic aspects of globalization.

CED, 3 Suleman Chambers
4 Battery St., Mumbai
400 001, India

IFIs in Balkans

A new monthly newsletter giving NGO perspectives on international financial institutions in the Balkans. It is coordinated by Youth Action for Development and Environment (MARS). Free email subscriptions.

IFIs in Indonesia

Monthly newsletter by Down to Earth, the International Campaign for Ecological Justice in Indonesia. English and Indonesian language. Free email subscriptions.

Economic reforms in Ghana: Reality & Mirage

Discusses whether Ghana can follow Uganda’s approach to economic recovery, whether the comprehensive World Bank/IMF reform programme, based on economic liberalization has worked.

Deeper than Debt

Book by George Ann Potter examining globalization and the perpetuation of inequalities. Accessible for non-specialists and contains action suggestions.

Poverty Reduction and the World Bank: Progress in 1999

An overview of the status of poverty around the world, the poverty focuses of World Bank activities in fiscal year 1999 and a forward look at the direction of the Bank’s poverty work.


Localization: a Global Manifesto

Analysis of current globalization trends with arguments for reversing them with a concerted campaign to relocalize economics and decision-making.

Colin Hines, Earthscan, 2000.

Network 2002

Monthly newsletter on issues relating to the “Rio+10” Earth Summit due to take place in 2002. Coordinated by UNED-Forum. Available in text and PDF formats.