Bretton Woods Project news

2 November 2001

Angela Wood is to leave the Bretton Woods Project at the end of December. She has worked with the Project since the beginning – nearly six years. In January she is heading to South America to travel for a few months. First stop the World Social Forum in Brazil.

Angela has led the Project’s work on the IMF and on structural adjustment issues, impressing many officials, campaigners and journalists by her grasp of the issues and institutional politics. Summarising her time at the Bretton Woods Project, Angela said: “I’ve found it very rewarding experience. I’ve learned a lot both personally and professionally. We should recognise how much NGOs have achieved in opening up space in the IMF to discuss new issues. But we shouldn’t take off the pressure.”

Angela can be contacted for short-term work projects at:

The post of Economic Policy Officer will be advertised in mid-November. Information will be posted on this site at:

Communications consultancy

The Bretton Woods Project has commissioned a consultant to examine how NGOs share information on the World Bank and IMF and what new collaborative approaches could be introduced.

Whilst many networks, websites and email lists have been established to facilitate communications, many people feel either overloaded with information or stuck in an information vacuum. At the same time, the World Bank has invested in major new communications approaches, and new technologies have become available to produce and share information easily and cheaply across organisational and national boundaries.

The consultancy will map existing communication approaches and examine how the web and email are used. It will then suggest options which could be taken up by one or more groups or networks. These may include the construction of a portal, shared online databases, news sharing, and electronic advocacy and conferencing techniques.

The work is funded by the CS Mott Foundation and is being carried out by Ethical Media Ltd. A final report is due in January. A questionnaire and more detail are on the Bretton Woods Project website.