Parliamentary Committee enquiry on Financing for Development

25 March 2002

The International Development Committee has agreed to conduct a short inquiry to examine selected issues relating to the Financing for Development Summit The Committee will consider the policies and practices of the Department for International Development, and the UK Government as a whole, with regard to the provision of finance for development. In particular, the inquiry will seek to address the following questions:

How successful has the UN Financing for Development Summit been, and what can we learn from the processes leading up to the Summit?

What progress is being made by the UK and other Governments in moving towards meeting the target of providing 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) in Official Development Assistance?

How desirable and realistic are proposals for ‘novel forms’ of financing development, including Currency Transactions Taxes?

What are the prospects of developing countries domestically generating sufficient finance for development? To what extent would these prospects be increased by countries practising good governance and promoting the rule of law?

The Committee is seeking memoranda that address any or all of these questions. Any memorandum of more than six pages should include a summary at the front.

Memoranda (submissions in hard copy as well as electronic) should reach the Clerk of the Committee by Monday 8 April 2002.

Enquiries and submissions to

Alan Hudson
Committee Specialist
International Development Committee
Room 223
7 Millbank
House of Commons
London SW1P 3JA

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