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26 November 2002 | Inside the institutions

The Bank is undergoing a re-organization of its trade work. Work under internal Bank groupings has been brought under the direction of new International Trade Director, Uri Dadush. Some of the key programmes, their location within the Bank structure, and contact information below:

Initiative: Global Integration and New Trade Agenda
  • Training, policy services, research, capacity building
  • Regional trade facilitation projects
  • Global Learning Development Network
Bank home: WBI
Contacts: Economist, Philip English
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Initiative: WTO 2000 Capacity Building Project
  • Help developing countries participate more effectively in the next round of WTO negotiations
Bank home: WBI
Contacts: Policy and Rsch Mgr, Bernard Hoekman
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Initiative: Research Programmes
  • Trade facilitation, regulatory reform and standards
  • Trade, technology, FDI and growth
  • Competition and Anti-dumping
  • Landlocked countries
  • Regional Integration
  • Trade in Services and Agriculture
  • Databases on services, standards, integration, etc.
Bank home: DEC
Contacts: Senior Adviser, David Dollar
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Initiative: Integrated Framework
  • Multi-agency technical assistance to low-income countries
  • Bank leads diagnostic studies
  • Links trade and national development plans (PRSPs)
Bank home: PREM
Contacts: Senior Economists, Ataman AksoyYvonne Tsikata
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Initiative: Country Assistance Strategies
  • Advise on integration, liberalisation, customs and tax administration, infrastructure, product standards and export policies
  • Impacts of WTO accession
Bank home: country teams
Contacts: Regional Chief EconomistsCountry Chief Economists
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Initiative: Investment Climate Assessments
  • Identification of features most important for productivity and income growth
  • Tracking of changes in the investment climate
  • Comparison of countries or regions within countries.
Bank home: country teams
Contacts: Country Chief Economists Rapid Response Unit, Geeta Batra
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