IFI governance


Bank/Fund spring meetings schedule

1 April 2003

Official Meetings

Tentative Agendas

International and Monetary Finance Committee: 12 April 2003

  • World Economic Outlook
  • Crisis prevention and crisis resolution (Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism)
  • Low income countries, PRGF, PRSPs, HIPC

Development Committee Meeting: April 13 2003

  • Monitoring of Policies and Actions for Achieving the MDGs
  • Voice and Participation of Developing Countries in Bank/Fund governance
  • Progress Reports: Education for All, HIV/AIDS, Water and Sanitation

Civil society meetings

A wide range of NGO events are also planned for the week. Topics will include:

  • citizen complaint mechanisms
  • governance reform
  • trade-finance coherence
  • Latin-American solidarity
  • safeguards
  • harmonisation
  • WDR 2004 on services

For full details, visit the IFIwatchers calendar