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SAP protests still raging: Latin America examples

8 September 2003




IMF agreement

Honduras, August 2003 Opening of the water sector to private companies, public sector wage freeze in efforts to secure IMF support Police clashed with 10000 demonstrators after they briefly stormed the Congress Pending
Dominican Republic, June 2003 Capping budget deficit, freezing public sector wages, raising electricity prices, import/export tax hikes etc At least five people were hurt and 40 detained when police broke up a protest against the government’s economic policies and the proposed deal with the IMF 2-year $600 million Stand-By Arrangement, August 2003
Peru, May-July 2003 Wage freeze,fiscal austerity, tight monetary policy. Thousands of farmers health workers and teachers, marched through the capital, occupied state buildings and blocked roads. President Toledo declared a state of emergency. At least one dead and dozens injured. 2-year $347 million Stand-By Arrangement, February 2002
Bolivia, January-February 2003 Income tax hike announced as part of a package to reduce the public deficit to get access to IMF support Clashes left more than thirty dead. 1 year $121 million Stand By Arrangement, April 2003

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