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Who wants to be an IMF economist?

24 November 2003

“Q: What is a benefit of globalization?

  • People in Thailand can sell their flowers in London for a good price
  • You can buy New Zealand kiwifruit and Italian gelato at your neighborhood grocery
  • More and more people around the world speak English
  • All of the above

A: All of the above

Thanks for playing, and be sure to invite all your friends to test their knowledge on Monetary Mania!”

Monetary mania is a quiz for high school students, as part of IMF efforts to explain better what it does. The website invites kids to “become an IMF economist and find out how the IMF evaluates a member country’s economy”. You can also “travel to the mythical land of Yak in a world without the IMF” where “only a few people can have the latest cellphone”. Tempted?