Coordinator job profile

5 April 2004 | Recruitment



About the Bretton Woods Project

The Bretton Woods Project was established in 1995 by a network of UK non-government organisations (NGOs) to help them press for changes in the World Bank and IMF. The Project produces a newsletter and policy briefings, organises meetings and develops campaigning and advocacy opportunities for UK groups and groups in other countries. The Project has developed a strong reputation among civil society groups, officials, the media and academia as a source of information on these powerful global institutions. It is based in the offices of Action Aid in Archway, North London.

Role Purpose

To oversee the management and development of the Bretton Woods Project, a key national and international network hub on international financial institutions. This includes making strategic decisions about which issues and outputs BWP should focus on, planning and contributing to the Project’s written outputs, giving talks and providing strategic advice to network members. It also involves recruiting, managing and motivating Project staff, liaising with the Project’s steering group, maintaining relations with key network partners and officials and taking responsibility for fund-raising and financial reporting. This role requires a strong understanding of global policy issues, a passion for creating change, the ability to work effectively and diplomatically with diverse civil society groups and officials. Bretton Woods Project needs a Coordinator who can lead a small organisation, maintain and build on the strong network and reputation it has built up, while contributing ideas of their own.

Key contacts: NGOs and officials

Reporting to: Bretton Woods Project Steering Group

Location: London Salary and terms: £31,000, 2 year fixed term contract with extension on the basis of further core funding.


1) To run the Bretton Woods Project. This will involve:

– Leading team meetings to plan policy and advocacy work;

– Line managing staff and interns;

– Prioritising and overseeing the delivery of the work plan;

– Making and approving spending decisions;

– Producing proposals for the strategic development of Bretton Woods Project;

– Overseeing the production of funding proposals and of narrative and financial reports to funders;

– Managing staff and interns and conducting recruitment;

– Preparing for Project steering group meetings.

2) To oversee and contribute to the production of written outputs:

– Planning and editing the Bretton Woods Update, briefings and website;

– Writing articles and briefings.

3) Representing Bretton Woods Project at meetings:

– Speaking at meetings, including to officials, ministers, MPs and NGOs;

– Chairing NGO and official meetings;

– Speaking to journalists.

4) Developing and maintaining partnerships for effective advocacy collaboration with other organisations and networks. This will include:

– Encouraging other organisations to work actively on the World Bank and IMF;

– Providing strategic advice to civil society groups about how they can most effectively conduct advocacy relating to the World Bank and IMF;

– Attending meetings with civil society groups and officials (in UK and abroad);

– Responding to enquiries from NGOs, MPs, officials, journalists and others.


1) Educated to degree level or equivalent in a relevant subject. Also in-depth knowledge of:

– The operations and governance of the World Bank and IMF;

– Structural adjustment programmes and their social and environmental consequences;

– Current global political and economic policy debates;

– Economic and statistical concepts.

2) Experience:

– Three years management experience in a relevant environment;

– Six years experience of relevant campaigning or research;

– Planning and executing fundraising;

– Planning and producing publications on global policy issues;

– Planning and executing advocacy strategies;

– Making presentations on complex issues to a range of audiences, ideally including officials, parliamentarians and civil society groups;

– Facilitating NGO strategy meetings;

– Working collaboratively in NGO networks, ideally including with NGOs dealing with International Financial Institutions and with groups based in the South.

– Budgeting and accounts management.

Plus, ideally:

– Working in Southern countries;

– Working with the media.

3) Skills and abilities:

– Demonstrated leadership, strategic planning, and team-building skills;

– Good facilitator and networker in a political environment;

– Clear analysis of complex and controversial issues and ability to select key points;

– Strong sense of political strategy;

– Excellent oral and written communication;

– Diplomacy and discretion when dealing with diverse contacts and sensitive information.

Plus, ideally:

– Other languages.

4) Willingness to travel.

5) Commitment to social and environmental justice.