IFI governance


Are you listening carefully?

5 April 2004 | Humour

Whatever changes in the World Bank and IMF, one thing remains constant. The flood of acronyms that they produce. See how many of these acronyms you can decipher. Answers and scoring key appear below.

1. CAS 6. PID 11. ROSC 16. SDRM
2. CAO 7. PSD 12. REDI 17. SDR
3. CAF 8. PSIA 13. EIR 18. DTIS
4. CDF 9. PPIAF 14. ESW 19. LICUS
5. CPIA 10. PCF 15. EWS 20. OBA

Score: 0-5: acro-phobic
6-10: regular Update reader
11-15: current Bank staff
16-20: completely brainwashed

Country Assistance Strategy, Compliance Advisor Ombudsman, Conflict Analysis Framework, Comprehensive Development Framework, Country Policy and Institutional Assessment, Project Information Document, Private Sector Development Strategy, Poverty and Social Impact Assessment, Prototype Carbon Fund, Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes, Recent Economic Developments in Infrastructure, Extractive Industries Review, Economic Sector Work, Early Warning Systems, Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism, Special Drawing Rights, Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies, Low Income Countries Under Stress, Output Based Aid.