IFI governance


World Bank/IMF spring meetings schedule

10 April 2005

Members of the staff of the Bank and Fund, board members, development and finance ministers are gathered in Washington 15 – 17 April.

Official meetings

15 April:
Meeting of G24 group of developing countries at IMF; G7 finance ministers’ meeting
16 April:
International Monetary and Financial Committee meeting
Tentative agenda: Debt (gold sales), innovative sources of development finance including the International Financing Facility, Fund strategic review , IMF role in low-income countries
17 April:
Development Committee meeting
Tentative agenda: Debt, Global Monitoring Report, Financing for Development, ‘voice’ of developing countries in the BWIs

World Bank – civil society meetings

14-15 April:
Consultation on World Bank review of conditionality
18-19 April:
World Bank – civil society dialogues
20-22 April:
World Bank Global Policy Forum: PRSPs / engagement issues

For full details of events, contact information for groups in Washington, and links to documents released by civil society, visit www.ifiwatchnet.org