IFIwatchnet moves to Montevideo

13 June 2005

In June, IFIwatchnet – formerly based at the Bretton Woods Project in London – moved to the Instituto del Tercer Mundo (ITeM) in Uruguay, as part of a strategic plan to strengthen southern networks of IFIwatchers. IFIwatchnet is a groundbreaking initiative that connects organisations and activists worldwide who monitor and campaign on international financial institutions. Users of IFIwatchnet will not notice any change in the powerful tools it makes available to the public: a calendar of IFI-related events, searchable databases of independent resources – documents and video – on the IFIs, and a search engine restricted to civil society websites that focus on the IFIs. Now in its third year of operation IFIwatchnet counts over 60 participating organisations from around the world.

ITeM carries out information and education activities on international environment and development issues, and encourages citizen involvement in global decision-making processes.