UK National audit office undertakes a review of DfID’s engagement with multilaterals

summary of terms of reference

14 July 2005

The UK national audit office is currently undertaking a review of DfID’s engagement with multilaterals.

According to the terms of reference, the review aims to understand how DfID’s work with multilaterals helps it to achieve its poverty reduction objectives. It will look at why DfID engages with the multilateral system; review the nature of its engagement, including resource allocation choices DfID makes in relation to multilaterals (both in terms of funding and human resources devoted to managing the relationships) and will consider whether the nature and focus of its engagement are likely to help maximise the Department’s contribution to the Millennium Development Goals.

how DfID's work with multilaterals helps it to achieve its poverty reduction objectives

The study will employ a range of methods, including: file review, interviews with DfID and UK delegation staff and an international comparison exercise. Key work areas are:

  • System overview: mapping of DfID’s engagement with the multilateral system and exploration of DfID’s policy on multilateral engagement
  • Case studies: ‘core’ case studies of six multilaterals (EC, World Bank, UNDP, African Development Bank, FAO and UNHCR), to include a review of funding decisions; review of resources devoted to managing these relationships; and a review of DfID’s monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • International comparison study: a survey of a sample of other donors’ work with other multilaterals in order to provide a comparison point with DfID


  • Fieldwork: June to September 2005
  • Drafting and discussions with DfID: October 2005
  • Completion: November 2005-07-14

For further information contact:

  • Robin Owen, Audit Manager: 020 7798 7440
  • Vikki Jones, Audit Principal: 020 7798 7347