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Update from the WB IMF annual meetings in Washington

24 September 2005

‘Will they, won’t they’ speculation on the G8 debt deal was the key theme of the week in Washington. In the end, it looks as if they will, but debt campaigners have some lingering concerns about language which might imply increased conditionality. Bretton Woods Project staff in Washington have provided brief summaries of many of the meetings that went on around the annual meetings. Click on the meeting titles below for more information. This page will be regularly updated.

Tuesday, 20 September

Wednesday, 21 September

Thursday, 22 September

Friday, 23 September

Saturday, 24 September

  • IMFC meeting
  • Anti-war march and mobilisation for global justice

Sunday, 25 September

Monday, 26 September

Tuesday, 27 September

  • Alternative macroeconomic policies for fighting HIV/AIDS and achieving economic development