IFI governance


WB-IMF spring meetings schedule

3 April 2006

Members of staff of the Bank and Fund, board members, development and finance ministers are gathered in Washington 21-23 April.

Official meetings

21 April
Meeting of G24 group of developing countries
22 April
International Monetary and Financial Committee meeting
Tentative agenda: IMF medium-term strategy; Global economic outlook; Low-income countries: Status of the G8 debt deal and debt sustainability; Progress reports on avian flu and the activities of the IEO
23 April
Development Committee meeting
Tentative agenda: Global Monitoring Report; Investment framework for clean energy; progress reports on fiscal policy for growth and development, aid for trade

World Bank civil society policy dialogues

20 April
Trade-finance linkages; PRGF impact; Development finance challenges post G8; Implementing the new IFC safeguards
21 April
Corruption; Debt sustainability; IEO workshop on evaluation of effects of macroeconomic conditions on social spending in Africa; IEG session on disaster assistance; Governance conditionality
24 April
Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative; Clean energy investment framework; Inspection Panel meeting; Extractive Industries Review

Check back for regular updates from the Bretton Woods Project during and after the meetings

For full details of events, contact information for groups in Washington for the meetings, and links to documents released by civil society, visit IFIwatchnet. IFIwatchnet will be setting up a weblog for the first time for the spring meetings.