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2 April 2007 | Review

Comments by Southern Civil Society

World Bank reconstruction role in Timor-Leste creating problems,
Guteriano Nicolau S. Neves, La’o Hamutuk Institute (Update 54)

Good governance or bad practices? Two activists reflect on their mistreatment at the World Bank-IMF annual meetings in Singapore,
Maria Clara Couto Soares, ActionAid International Americas Region
Jenina Joy Chavez, Focus on the Global South (Update 53)

Time to listen to Lesotho! – The World Bank and its new anti-corruption agenda,
Hennie van Vuuren, Institute for Security Studies (Update 52)

One hand gives while the other takes: Nicaragua under IMF conditions,
Adolfo José Acevedo Vogl, Coordinadora Civil (Update 51)

Why have Bank-CSO dialogues on water faltered?
Belinda Calaguas, WaterAid (Update 50)

At Issue Briefings

Research, knowledge and “paradigm maintenance”: The World Bank’s development economics vice-presidency,
Robin Broad, American University (Update 53)

Too much, too soon: IMF conditionality and inflation targeting,
Gerry Epstein, University of Massachusetts (Update 52)

Beware the big, bland wolf: The first year of Paul Wolfowitz at the World Bank,
Jeff Powell, Bretton Woods Project (Update 51)

Trip wires and speed bumps in service of global financial stability: A proactive role for the IMF,
Ilene Grable, University of Denver (Update 50)

 Inside the Institutions

The IMF programme cycle (Update 54)

The World Bank and disability (Update 53)

The World Bank and youth (Update 52)

The World Bank and ageing (Update 51)

The World Bank and water (Update 50)