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2007 World Bank-IMF spring meetings schedule

2 April 2007

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Members of staff of the Bank and Fund, board members, development and finance ministers are gathered in Washington 13-15 April.

Official meetings

13 April
Meeting of G24 group of developing countries
14 April
International Monetary and Financial Committee meeting
Tentative agenda: Global economic outlook; surveillance mandate; quota reform; the role of the IMF in middle-income countries (Reserve Augmentation Line/contingency financing); the role of the IMF in low-income countries (Malan report on Bank-Fund collaboration); progress reports on the activities of the IEO
15 April
Development Committee meeting
Tentative agenda: Africa Action Plan; Global Monitoring Report (gender and fragile states); voice; clean energy

World Bank civil society policy dialogues

12 April
IMF board accountability; WB health strategy; IFC performance standards
13 April
CAO overview; IMF in Africa; MIGA safeguard policies; country-based development model; fiscal space and infrastructure finance; training and capacity building; debt sustainability; DRC forestry and mining; IEO on IMF and aid to Sub-Saharan Africa; IDA 15
14 April
IMF governance; Chad-Cam pipeline; World Bank and climate change; UBUNTU campaign for Bretton Woods reform; IMF wage bill ceilings and education
16 April
WDR 08 Agriculture; education in fragile states; country systems; anti-corruption standards

Check back for regular updates from the Bretton Woods Project during and after the meetings

For full details of events, contact information for groups in Washington for the meetings, and links to documents released by civil society, visit IFIwatchnet.