Upcoming conferences and events

2 July 2007

A Decade After: Recovery and Adjustment since the East Asian Crisis
12 – 14 July, Bangkok, Thailand
IDEAs network conference to take stock of the processes of adjustment and restructuring, their impact in terms of recovery and growth, the degree to which the problem of fragility has been addressed and the fall-out for progress on the human development front.

Understanding Global Finance – Building International Resistance
15 – 17 July, Bangkok, Thailand
Focus on the Global South and others are sponsoring a conference to better equip campaigners from peoples’ movements and civil society organisations with analytical tools to tackle the role of the IMF and global finance, and also to bring campaigners and activist-minded academics and policy analysts to strategise together.

Independent People’s Tribunal on the World Bank Group in India
21 – 24 September, New Delhi, India
An opportunity for concerned groups and individuals, including those communities directly effected by Bank-Funded projects, to present research and evidence that objectively examines the impact that the World Bank’s policies and projects in India.

World Bank campaign Europe
Following the IDA 15 process all year
More than 70 European non-governmental organisations are calling for European governments to press the Bank to accept specific reforms or to channel their funding elsewhere. The reforms are in the areas of economic policy reform and fossil fuel lending.