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A virtual World Bank to add to the real one?

4 December 2007 | Humour

Not satisfied with reforming the investment climate of bricks and mortar, the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched its annual Doing Business report in the virtual gaming world Second Life in October. It’s unclear if the launch lived up to the billing of Activ8 Island (owned by real world company SLAgency) – “Second Life’s premier entertainment destination” – though punters were warned that if the auditorium filled up, that they could meet for a drink and listen to a DJ at Sullivan’s virtual night club afterwards. Our intrepid BWP reporter-avatar arrived too late on the scene – all that was left were flyers from a Nestlé Nesquik graffiti art contest. Sadly this means we missed out on digital copies of the report’s overview, as well as World Bank-IFC virtual apparel and products.

SLDBR07_1 secondlifeIFC