IDA replenishment starts soon

22 September 2009

Although there has not been a large take up of the fast-tracking facility available to IDA countries (see Update 65), it could affect the timetable for IDA replenishment, if it causes IDA funds to run low before the end of the legal period of IDA 15 in 2011. The mid-term review of IDA 15 in mid November will kick-start the triennial IDA replenishment process, with the first IDA deputies meeting next March. IDA replenishment is the time when donors are asked to fill up the Bank’s coffers for IDA, its grants and highly concessional loans arm for low-income countries. In the past, CSOs have used the replenishment round as an opportunity to highlight major concerns with the World Bank to donor governments. Last time there was a major pan-European campaign on conditionality and fossil fuel funding.