Towards a new development paradigm

7 October 2010 | Minutes

FES Seminar
6 October 2010

Speakers: Sabine Alkire (Oxford University), Benjamin Leo (CGD), Butch Montes (UN DESA), Susan Reichle (US AID)
Chair : Sara Burke (FES)

Sabine Alkire

  • Described the multi-dimensional poverty index
  • Need to consider at the personal level and not aggregate so much
  • Interregional variation, inter-dimensional variation, variation across different indicators
  • Policy implications:
    • Allocate resources to those with most intensive poverty
    • Identify deprivations together, tackle interconnections
    • Tailor policies to different groups
    • Show impacts through use of indicators

Ben Leo

  • Described the MDG progress index on poverty – to provide country data on MDGs without regional aggregation; to calculate rate of improvement needed to reach MDGs
  • Some interesting trailblazing cases: Tunisia, Honduras, Ghana, Ethiopia
  • LICs on average scored on par with MICs

Susan Reichle

  • Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) – first ever US presidential development policy
  • Puts development equal to diplomacy and defence as a central pillar of national security
  • Three pillars:
    • sustainable development outcomes – growth,  governance, technology, institutions
    • new operational model – selectivity and focus, ownership, division of labour
    • modern architecture – partnerships, working across institutions
  • Evidence based policy and decision making, it must be rigorous
  • Not just about aid, but also trade, investment, diplomacy, etc
  • Core tenant about mutual accountability