IFC’s international development goals

Official event at the World Bank spring meetings, 13 April 2011

14 April 2011 | Minutes

Nigel Twose, director of the IFC-IDA Secretariat

  • Testing of ‘international development goals’ (IDGs) extended from one to two years, will go live in 2012 – after initial review must be approved by EDs
  • There will be a small number of goals
  • IDGs will apply to all three arms of IFC
  • Each goal will have numeric targets at outcome level
  • Goals should be useful as input to decision making process

  • IDGs have become highly politicised
  • Implementation of IDGs should not increase the cost or time burden
  • Goals must meet priorities of client countries
  • Risk that IDGs will take precedence over other IFC projects
  • Focus is on economic growth with subsidiary effect of poverty reduction
  • Jobs issue is first among equals.  It is possible to have an IDG on economic growth.
  • FIs are not good at tracking development and gender issues.
  • IFC works primarily on vanguard projects; success is measured by number of firms that follow lead

  • IDG methodologies: incremental reach; expected reach subject to ex-post validation; attribution; Asset Management Company investments and syndication treated like IS

Five questions for the testing period: