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2012 Tokyo Annual Meeting Planning Session

23 April 2012 | Minutes

2012 Tokyo Annual Meeting Planning Session held on Saturday, 21 April.

Chair: Karla Chaman, IMF

Tsubasa Kato

  • We want to have more networking and engagement with social movements around the world

Yuki Tanabe, JACSES

  • Japanese NGO network for the annual meetings formed in the last year (October)
    • To assist CSO activities at the annual meetings
    • 20 CSO members, broad interest areas
  • Want to maximise opportunities and discussion, including individual meetings with Bank staff, management, media, etc

John Garrison, World Bank

  • Main meetings at Tokyo International Forum + 2 other hotels for more meetings
  • Accreditation same as always
  • Visas – should have free visas for CSO accredited delegates
  • Sponsoring up to 60 CSOs, priority for Asian countries (South Asia and East Asia) – nominations from country offices
  • A lot of space to be available for civil society – rooms and computers
  • Themes for annual meetings (from the Japanese government): global health, disaster reconstruction
  • Whole day session for ministers in Sendai (earthquake zone) to talk about DRR
  • Townhall meeting & reception as usual
  • Fewer Bank and Fund staff attending – so keep in mind for participation of staff at sessions
  • Off-site events with youth are possible


  • Integrate CSO policy forum and Programme of seminars – calendars & physical space
  • Require CSO speakers on every Programme of Seminars session
  • List of delegations and locations
  • Meet with new head of IFC
  • Make sure we have outreach in China with CSOs and Chinese EDs
  • Safeguards discussion should be not stuck in a basement
  • Busan High Level Forum was a model of accessibility
  • Do something with social media in preparation
  • Publicise who from ILO is coming to Japan
  • Follow-up on the sessions from the spring meetings
  • Invite the prime minister of Bhutan to present on happiness index