IFI governance


2012 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings schedule

3 October 2012

Board members of the Bank and Fund, and development and finance ministers, will gather in Tokyo, Japan, from 10 to 14 October 2012.

Official meetings

10 – 13 October
World Bank programme of seminars
11 October
G24 ministers’ meeting
12 October
Board of governors plenary
13 October
International Monetary and Financial Committee meeting
13 October
Development Committee meeting

World Bank, civil society events

10 October
Sovereign risk, capital markets and financial stability, public debt sustainability, managing natural resources, water privatisation, basic education, reproductive health and HIV, governance and accountability mechanisms, land investment and tenure.
11 October
Civil society organisation townhall meeting with heads of IMF and Bank, policy options for jobs and growth, women and the private sector, globalisation at a crossroads, global health, safeguards review, land management, global financial regulators, role of the IEG, development policy lending and risk assessment, HPIC and debt workout mechanisms, natural capital accounting and innovative financing.
12 October
Government policies and jobs for development, the global economy, IMF seminar Sub-Saharan Africa regional economic outlook, energy and Africa, youth employment, US fiscal policy, environment flows and safeguards, LICs facilities and conditionality review, global financial regulations, Doing Business ranking, debt restructuring, health investment, civil society engagement consultation, African infrastructure financing, post-2015 framework.
13 October
Competitive industries and economic growth, post-2015 global development framework, strengthening the euro area, the role of Asia in a changing world, safeguard review lessons, local tax policies, gender and employment, post-20115 agenda and MDG1, Green Climate Fund.

Check our website for regular updates during and after the meetings. For full details of events and contact information for groups in Tokyo during the meetings, visit BIC’s website.