Post Fukushima: The Role of the Financial Sector in Energy Future

13 October 2012 | Minutes

Sponsor: Takagi Fund for Citizen Science

This session introduced the audience to an overview of global energy issues and specific analyses of the environment and economic impacts of Fukushima nuclear power accident, and discussed the roles of the financial sector in viable global energy future.

Panelists: Masafumi Yokemoto (Professor, Osaka City University), Jan Beranek (Greenpeace International), Takejiro Sueyoshi (Special Advisor to the UNEP for the Asia Pacific Region), Tsuyoshi Yoshiwara (President, Johnan Shinkin Bank)

Chair: Yurika Ayukawa (Professor, Chiba University of Commerce)

Download Greenpeace presentation – Fukushima’s Message – what were the risks missed by investors’ point of view?