Accessibility policy

1 January 2013 | Project news

We intend this site to be as accessible as possible and are working to improve accessibility in several ways, however aspects of the policy and its implementation are in their early stages so please bear with us.

“Accessibility” divides into several main areas:

  • Language of the visitor
  • Technical requirements of the visitor’s platform
  • Physical ability of the visitor


All of our material is delivered in English. Much, but not all, of our material is available in Spanish. We are making efforts to have our navigation and site functionality fully available in Spanish. There are a very limited number of articles in other languages, and other languages do not have their own navigation functionality.

Technical aspects

This site uses WordPress, which should produce a web site that meets various standards. We have endeavoured to make the site equally accessible to users of different browsers and different platforms, including mobile. Further developmenet will be undertaken to improve the site’s platform responsiveness. However, if you are using an older browser you may fiund some features of the site do not function properly.

If any user of this site wishes to make a suggestion or comment – or complaint – please use the feedback page.