Tanzania water project “complete failure”

8 April 2013

A Tanzanian water and sanitation project, in which the Bank invested $164 million from 2003 to 2010, has been “a complete failure” according to NGO Civil and Political Rights Watch (CPRW). The project, which was supposed to replace aged water pipes and introduce billing meters for over 4 million residents of Dar es Salaam, has not improved the water supply and the meters do not work, but has placed a debt burden on local residents. Activists challenged the Bank over whether the Tanzanian government should repay the loan “when there are no results”. World Bank country director for Tanzania, Uganda and Burundi Philipe Dongier said that although the Bank audits projects, the government was required to oversee implementation and called for “transparency and accountability in our projects which we do with the government”. CPRW said the Bank needed to work more closely with local NGOs to provide “feedback”.