Equal opportunities monitoring form

Research assistant

25 June 2013 | Recruitment

The Bretton Woods project is an ActionAid-hosted Project. ActionAid is an employer committed to Equal Opportunities. We wish to ensure the fair and unbiased treatment of all job applicants. It would therefore be helpful if you could take a few minutes to complete this form to enable us to monitor the effectiveness of our equal opportunities policy. Your individual responses will not be seen by the Bretton Woods Project.

ActionAid UK’s Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

ActionAid UK is committed to the establishment and development of equality of opportunity in policy and practice.

ActionAid UK will apply this policy and practice in all aspects of working life with ActionAid, from recruitment through to cessation of employment, including personal and career development, terms and conditions.

ActionAid UK will ensure that no individual of group within ActionAid is discriminated against on grounds of sex, race, age, colour, nationality, marital status, home responsibility, sexual orientation, physical ability, health, culture, beliefs, trade union activity or social background. ActionAid reserves the right to add other categories to this list.

ActionAid UK will ensure that no employee or applicant is discriminated against through a condition of requirement of a job which cannot be objectively justified. We shall value individuals for their contribution and shall give them the opportunity to realise their full potential within the organisation insofar as this contributes towards the fulfilment of our mission.

ActionAid UK will ensure that all directors, staff and volunteers abide by the content and spirit of this statement.

ActionAid UK is committed to a programme of action to make this policy fully effective and will constantly monitor and review the procedures, practices and guidelines that underpin it.