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World Bank appoints leaders of global practices, CAO

8 May 2014

As part of the World Bank restructuring process, in which the Bank is creating 14 global practices and five cross-cutting areas (see Observer Autumn 2013, Bulletin Dec 2013), the Bank appointed 16 senior staff members in April. They will be starting their new jobs in July. Still to be names are the directors for the agriculture global practice and the cross-cutting solutions areas of public-private partnerships and of conflict, violence and fragility.

The process, referred to by newspaper Financial Times as “restructuring hell,” will be complemented by a reduction in administrative costs of $400 million over the next three years.

Name Responsibility Current position
Junaid Ahmad Water global practice Director for sustainable development, Middle East and North Africa region, World Bank
Arup Banerji Social protection and labour global practice Sector director for social protection and labour, Human Development Network, World Bank
Paula Caballero Environment and natural resources global practice Director for economic, social and environmental affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Colombia
Claudia Costin Education global practice Secretary of education, city of Rio de Janeiro
Tim Evans Health, nutrition and population global practice Director of health, nutrition and population, Human Development Network, World Bank
Anita George Energy and extractives global practice Director for infrastructure, International Finance Corporation
Marcelo Giugale Macroeconomics and fiscal management global practice Director of poverty reduction and economic management, Africa region, World Bank
Anabel Gonzalez Trade and competitiveness global practice Minister of foreign trade, Costa Rica
Gloria Grandolini Finance and markets global practice Country director for Mexico and Colombia, World Bank
Pierre Guislain Transport and information technology global practice Director, World Bank Group investment climate department
Ede Ijjasz-Vasquez Urban, rural and social development global practice Sector director for sustainable development in the Latin America and Caribbean region, World Bank
Mario Marcel Governance global practice Deputy director for public governance and territorial development, OECD
Ana Revenga Poverty global practice Acting vice president, poverty reduction and economic management network, World Bank
Caren Grown Gender cross cutting solutions area Economist in residence, Department of Economics, American University
Nigel Twose Jobs cross cutting solutions area Director of development impact, International Finance Corporation

The Bank has also appointed a new vice president of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO), the IFC’s accountability mechanism.

Name Responsibility Current position
Osvaldo Luis Gratacós Vice president of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) Inspector general of the Export-Import Bank of the USA