28 June 2018 | Project news

The Bretton Woods Project produces a range of critical news and analysis about the World Bank and IMF in the following formats you can subscribe to:


Ad-hoc news and analysis from BWP about new publications and events, including the Dispatch, our biannual analysis of the World Bank and IMF Spring and Annual Meetings. Sent out on average once a month, frequently during busier periods, these alerts will keep you up-to-date on BWP news.


The Dispatch offers biannual analysis of the World Bank and IMF Spring and Annual Meetings. It includes a preamble sent the week before the start of the meetings, which sets the meetings within a broader context and outlines key themes of the week to watch out for. The Dispatch also contains notes of selected civil society sessions, analysis of communiqués (including those issued by the IMFC, Development Committee and G24), as well as our wrap-up with our analysis of the week’s most important developments.

News Lens

A roundup of key news and critical viewpoints published about the World Bank and IMF every two weeks. The BWP team continually scans the web and other sources for critical news and analysis of the Fund and Bank. The material is compiled into its News Lens, making it the best way to stay up-to-date on critical perspectives on the Bank and Fund.


Our flagship publication, the Observer is a quarterly critical review of developments at the World Bank and IMF, with news and analysis from guest writers and the BWP team. You can choose to subscribe to the Observer via:

  1. Our primary Observer email, which includes a PDF version for download and links to online versions of all stories.
  2. The plain-text only email, recommended for those with irregular internet connections or low bandwidth.
  3. Our postal mail-out for the Spring and Autumn Observers. We are happy to post the print version of the Observer to you for free, but please make sure we have your address if you’d like this subscription, which you can do by managing your preferences page. Please note that the Winter and Summer editions are online-only, so to receive those you still need to subscribe to an email Observer mailing list.
  4. Our Spanish mail-out for the Observador, a quarterly translation of the English Observer.

Our promise to you

We will keep your personal information private and secure. We will only contact you with the mail-outs that you have opted in to receive, and we will never pass your information onto another organisation without your explicit permission.

More details can be found in ActionAid’s privacy policy. If you want to make use of a ‘Subject Access Request’ for data the Bretton Woods Project may have relating to you, please email your request to with the subject line ‘Subject Access Request’.