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Bank and Fun(d) speak of the year: 12 days of Christmas – an ode to the World Bank & IMF’s 2018

6 December 2018 | Humour

On the first day of Christmas, Paul Romer submitted his resignation – after accusing Bank economists of data fabrication

On the second day of Christmas, the Fund researched gender & inequality – we didn’t expect policy advice on contraception and fertility

On the third day of Christmas, the Bank published the WDR – surely their pro-business agenda’s finally gone too far? (Observer Winter 2018)

On the fourth day of Christmas, emerging economies pondered the IMF quota review, and wondered if reforms would ever go through (see Dispatch Autumn 2018)

On the fifth day of Christmas, the Bank’s shareholders agreed a generalllll capitalllll increassssssse! … We’re still waiting for staff incentives linked to lending volume to cease (see Dispatch Spring 2018)

On the sixth day of Christmas, the Bank & G20’s misplaced panache ­– saw them introduce infrastructure as an asset class

On the seventh day of Christmas, the Bank published #DoingBiz – do they have a clue what Decent Work is? (Observer Winter 2018)

On the eighth day of Christmas, the Fund returned to Argentina – while the markets went to look for pastures greener (Observer Winter 2018)

On the ninth day of Christmas, the Bank launched its ESF scheme – does anyone know what ‘materially consistent’ means? (Observer Winter 2018)

On the tenth day of Christmas, the Supreme Court debated ‘Jam v IFC’ – after Indian fisherfolk challenged IFC’s ‘absolute immunity’ (Observer Winter 2018)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, the Bank launched the Human Capital Project – after the Fund’s austerity is there any state finance for education left? (Observer Autumn 2018)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Bank announced its post-2020 climate goals – as ornaments for its legacy investments in coal (Observer Winter 2018)

Happy New Year!