Gender Project Officer vacancy (CLOSED)

16 November 2021 | Recruitment

Download the full job description & person specification

The Bretton Woods Project (BWP), an ActionAid UK-hosted project, is looking for a Project Officer to support the Bretton Woods Project team in monitoring the work of the World Bank and IMF, supporting critical civil society communities, and advocating for transformational change.

As Project Officer, your work will primarily focus on the World Bank as it relates to the implementation of BWP’s Gender Equality and Macroeconomics (GEM) and Financialisation, Gender Equality and Human Rights projects. You will also support the Bretton Woods Project team more widely. This involves directly engaging with senior-level World Bank officials and staff to further advocacy targets, coordinating with and representing BWP in key civil society communities, and producing high-quality advocacy outputs.

You will also be monitoring key developments at the World Bank with a focus on the gendered impacts of its macroeconomic policies and contributing to team-wide communications outputs such as the Bretton Woods Observer, Dispatch, and Newslens, and to the institutional strengthening of the Bretton Woods Project.

The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of economic justice issues from a gender equality, human rights and financialisation perspective. The candidate will also be familiar with the World Bank’s key activities and have a strong grasp of the common criticisms of the IMF and World Bank.

You will have experience of interacting with policymakers and in producing high-quality written policy and research outputs relating to international economic justice issues.

If you are looking for a challenging and rewarding role within a small team, please apply. As we are hosted by ActionAid, please apply through the ActionAid recruitment portal.